News about the 155th Group

  • 3rd Reunion of the 155 GRUPPO

    September the 9th 2006 in S.Damiano Airport near Piacenza the 3rd Reunion of the 155 GRUPPO will take place. For more news please vistit the official website of the event.. 3rd 155th Squadron Reunion

  • Squadron Leader change

    Last August 30th 2005 T.Col Paolo Pegolo left the Squadron leadership to Magg. Gianluca Ercolani.

  • Squadron Leader change

    The 4th September 2003 Settembre 2003, T.Col Alessandro LOBUONO will leave the Squadron leadership to T.Col. Paolo PEGOLO.

  • Italian Military decoration given to two pilots of the 155th Sqn.

    Tthe 4th November 2003 Col Giandomenico Taricco and Sandro Sampaoli will receive one of the highest Italian Military decoration for their behavior during 1999 Allied Force operations in Kosovo.

  • The last Tornado Delivered.

    The 26th June 2002 has been delivered the last Tornado ECR to the 155th Gruppo,now the flight line is complete!

  • A forgotten Panther ( 21st May 2002 )

    In June the 2nd 2002 in the Church of Bionde di Salizzole (Verona) there will be a cerimony in memory of Lt. Pizzicaroli Marco, in charge to the 155th Sqn, died july the 3rd 1982 while flying an F-104G of the 28th Squadron.

  • A Panther of the 155th Gruppo in SPACE(April 25th 2002)

    This morning at 08:26 local Italian time, from the russian Baikonour base in Kazakhstan, the Italian astronaut Roberto Vittori took off heading to the International Space Station (Iss),vittori will arrive onboard the ISS Saturday 27th April. Vittori has been a Tornado Pilot of the 155th Gruppo and became Combat ready in this Sqaudron. The mission onboard the Iss will last untill May 5th.

    The Magazine of Italian Air Force Association #6 dated June 2001 shows the delivery of the F104-S Serial Number 6795 to the Chinese Air Force Museum. This F104 has been delivered with the markings of the 4th WING, but the Spotters know that this aircraft was the famous 50-12 that served the 155th Squadron from 1972 to 1973.

  • FORGOTTEN PILOT (24th July 2001)

    While talking with former members of the Squadron we found out that a pilot of the 155th Squadron had been forgotten from the official Squadron History. We're talking about 1st Leautenant Pizzicaroli Marco of the Sparviero 3rd Accademic course, died while crashing with his F104-G of the 28th Squadron in July 3rd, 1982. The pilot was temporally assigned to the 28th Squadron.


    The third meeting of the 155th Group, scheduled for June 23rd 2001 in S.Damiano Airbase near Piacenza has been canceled.
    Keep visiting our site for latest news about the new meeting's date.