155th Virtual Group
The 155th Virtual Group has been created to bring the BLACK PANTHER'S spirit in the fantastic Flight Simulation world.
Following the links below you will find many files to download that will make you able to fly, thanks to your PC, the aircraft that the 155th. It's important to know that the 155th Virtual Fighter Group is one of the groups that form the V.I.A.F. (Virtual Italian Air Force) that collects most of the italian virtual pilots. The main target of VIAF is to become a Flight Simulation school and rappresent our nation during the international events (such as missions, dogfight tournaments etc.) that come out here and there over the Interenet.

The sections are divided by Flight SIm's. We'll have a section for all the following simulators:

1)Flight Simulator 98/2000
2)Combat Flight Simulator 1 e 2
3)Falcon 4.0
4)Aces High (360a Squadriglia, web site created and organized by some Japanese enthusiasts!)

You can find more material going to the web sites in the LINKS page .
If you don't know a thing about flight simulation then go to the RECRUIT. page. Here you'll find a small description of everything you'll need to fly in multiplayer.
If word like "ROGER WILCO", "IP ADDRESS", "PATCH" are of your common use, you can directly go to the 155th Group SIGN IN page. You will then become a "PANTE" and you'll begin to fly!!!


Aces High section Sezione FS98 FS2000 section
CFS section CFS2 section Falcon 4.0 section