This airshow took place in Rivolto A.B near Udine the 10th September 2000. It has been the biggest Airshows in Italy. With over 400000 visitors and a FANTASTIC weather for the season, it has been a great success. The photos are of both the Flight Tests day ( 9th September) and the airshow.

Tornado F3
F-16C block 42
Swedish Air Force C-130
Swedish Air Force C-130 tail
Italian Tornado F3
USAF F-16c block 42
Italian Tornado

F-104 ASA-M
German Tornado
Swiss F5
Italian F-104 ASA-M
German Marine Tornado
Patrouille Suisse F-5E
Austrian J350E Draken
Belgian F-16

Typhoon T.O.
Swiss F-18
Saab Sk-60 (105)
CASA C-101
German Typhoon DA1 T.O.
German Typhoon DA1
Suisse F/A-18C
Swedish Team 60 Saab SK-60
Spanish Patrulla Aguila CASA C-101

Dutch F-16
Dutch F-16
Mirage 2000
Belgian F-16 T.O.
Red Arrows
Dutch F-16 MLU T.O.
Dutch F-16 MLU
French Mirage 2000
Belgian F-16
U.K. Red Arrows