Friday 25th AUGUST 2000 UPDATE !
A new official program of the AIRSHOW is out: download the windows EXCEL file with callsign, T/O Time, Display time and land TIME !!!! THIS FILE WILL BE UPDATED ON EVERY NEW RELEASE OF THE OFFICIAL GIORNATA AZZURRA AIRSHOW PROGRAM.


The biggest event of the year here in Italy, and one of the biggest of his type in Europe, will be the " GIORNATA AZZURRA 2000 " and it's going to take place at RIVOLTO A.B. in the North-East part of Italy. It will celebrate many events:
- the 40th anniversary of the Italian Acrobatic team, the FRECCE TRICOLORI
- the 77th anniversary of the Italian Air Force
- the 8th Meeting of acrobatic teams pilots.
It will be very difficult to see so many international acrobatic teams all together and with so many other military aircraft for a while!!!!

The official date is SUNDAY 10th SEPTEMBER 2000.

Official news inform that the Air Show program will be:

Italian Acrobatic Team - Frecce Tricolori Italian and Foreign Air Force Military Aircraft
English Acrobatic Team - Red Arrows
French Acrobatic Team - Patrouille de France
Swiss Acrobatic Team - Patrouille Suisse
Spanish Acrobatic Team - Aguila
Swedish Acrobatic Team - Team 60
Slovak Acrobatic Team - Biele Albatrosy
Breitling Acrobatic Team - Eagles
Italian Air Force Aircraft - AMX, F-104, G222, Mb339 CD
Belgian F-16
French Mirage 2000
German Navy TORNADO
EFA (DASA 02 prototype)
9 AMX From the 2 Stormo
Harrier AV8B+ of the Italian Navy
Italian Falchi Blu