Here you can find my Fs98 works. You can dowload them directly from this page or at .

  1. Italian F-104S Starfighter of the 156 Gruppo C.B. from 36 Stormo based in Gioia del Colle A.B.. Squadron numbers: 36-44. M.M. 6785. From a Michael Gurezka original. Moving parts (flaps, air brake, landing gear), lights, improved .air file and repaint work by Francesco "MIX" Missarino.
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  3. Italian TF-104G Starfighter of the 20 Gruppo A.O. based in Grosseto A.B.. Squadron numbers: 20-20. M.M. 54255. Repainted from a Markus Buensen and Michael Gurezka original.
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  5. Flight demonstration of the F-104S. Runway 03 of Le Bourget Airport (France). Pilot: Francesco "MIX" Missarino.
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  7. Italian AMX of the 2 Stormo, 14 Gruppo F.B.A. Based in Rivolto A.B.. Squadron numbers: 2-06, M.M. 7169. From a Massimo Taccoli original. Full moving parts and lights, improved .air file.

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  8. Italian AMX Panel version 1.0.

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